QA Consulting

Pragmatic QA & Test consultancy aimed at helping clients deliver software safely, confidently and on time.

At Fullstack QA, our clients entrust us with the extraordinary tasks of challenging ourselves to deliver quality assured applications for mobile, web, and desktop. We tirelessly seek agile testing methodology to test, audit, and qualify software for various verticals, and are constantly looking beyond the possibilities of reducing time to market by helping companies transition into true agile ecosystem; one which enables iterative, continuous, and autonomous testing. This is why our approach is business centric, one which calls for understanding your organization and objectives in addition to your product and the journey of your application development to ultimately offer optimal software testing and quality assurance services that deliver to your intended customer experiences.

Automation is not just Selenium.

Monolithic automation is slow, expensive, fragile, ineffective and difficult to maintain. Having one level of automation is bound to fail for many reasons. Here are Fullstack QA, we break automation into different layers, starting from unit, functional, integration, system and smoke/sanity tests. Each level of automation is designed to catch different type of defect, just like fishing nets of different sizes. We use different combination of tools based on project and technology stack. We also apply a lot of abstraction and re-usability throughout, making the the whole framework robust, stable and appreciated by the whole team.
Continuous Testing

Test the full stack. Test early, fail fast and keep adapting.

Lets help you do continuous testing, not regression testing. Focus on implementing new features without the fear of breaking existing functionalities. Continuous testing puts in place all the necessary tools to ensure the product is tested by the whole team, thoroughly and throughout the day. Rather than spending effort on regression testing, we focus on ensuring no existing code is broken before developers can merge their code. Continuous is core to successful Agile team is a must have. without continuous testing, Agile is derailed and the delivery process falls back to mini waterfall, especially on the QA aspect.
Agile Transformation

Agile testing requires fundamental shift.

Test teams require transitioning to Agile environment; being in a scrum team is not enough. Skills are required and most importantly, a different approach is required. We have seen it all. Teams practicing Agile yet the QA teams are using complicated test management systems, performing lots of regression tests, writing test plans and scenarios. Such QA teams eventually get disconnected from the development teams and testing becomes a bottleneck in the delivery process. We have turned around teams so they understand the core concepts of Agile testing, their role in the delivery process and make them do more ASSURANCE than testing.

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